We have built so many sites, worked on so many projects, and changed so many lives that we are able to apply our practices to your business. Don't pay us to learn on your dime, instead pay us to implement precision on your site to positively change your business.

  • Manage your website with ease

    Using WordPress is a simple way to manage your own website without having to pay someone to make simple changes that are needed in the lifetime of a business. It also means that any other developer can easily access and change things anytime.


    We work hard to produce publicly available free and premium plugins as well as private customized plugins to fit your needs. Have a blank that needs filled in on your website? Let a Ninja Help.



The most
current practices

We are able to change with the times and constantly educate, adapt, and dynamically overcome issues that both Google and WordPress present. Your site needs to be seen, we are able to do that for you.

The lowest
prices possible

We may not be the cheapest, but we're definitely not the most expensive. Our lowest price possible guarantee means that you'll get your work fully completed without any additional fees later.

You own
what we produce

No leasing fees or maintenance contracts. You can download a copy of what we produce for you and save it anywhere you want. You paid for it, you own it. Unencrypted and open for everyone.

About us

Our ninjas are highly trained in the art of coding and design. We are dedicated to being the best and most lethal ally you will ever have.

Knowing what to do in the every situation is often difficult. We know because we've been through so many. Chances are you've been to one of our websites or know someone who has - we build a ton and have been collectively since the mid 1990s. When our Sensei found WordPress in the early 2000s he began diligently training his mind and self-trained on how to master this elegant framework.

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To us, it seems simple.

Step #1: Interact. Ask questions. Find out your needs.
Step #2: Meet those needs. We have sales ninjas nationwide that can literally sit in your office or meet you at your local coffee shop to discuss your plan.

If we don't have someone in your area ... call us. We're real live human beings that want to earn your business. We will attentively listen and respond appropriately to your needs.

Our services

Responsive Website Design and Customization

We are proud to be able to offer responsive website designs! No, this isn't a "mobile" website, it's better than that. It works on all devices, all screen widths, all the time. One full website from anywhere.

Custom Plugins and Process Integration

Hate duplicating work? Need another step implemented in your current solution? Want a completely custom system designed for your project? We can do it and without putting you into the poor house. This is our favorite.

Maintenance and On Call Contracts

Need someone available all the time? Have a project so important that it requires someone to constantly either monitor or be on the job to fix a problem? Our technical staff is available for you.

Copy Writing and SEO Services

Hate writing your own website copy? We know, a lot of people do. We have American, British, Australian, and Canadian writers available to speak in your dialect. Need translation services? We can help.

Full Packages All Inclusive Startup Help

Have a great idea and want someone to run with it? We'll happily sign a non-disclosure and a non-compete to discuss your brilliant idea and help you get it off the ground. Our umbrella of services keeps you protected.

Just Need A Good Cup Of Coffee?

We can help you with that too. We'll even talk to you on the phone, in person, or through email or Skype. Don't be afraid to ask a Ninja for help, we're here for one reason - you. Let us know how we can help.

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Our Portfolio Breakdown


Real Estate

Service Industries

All Others


  • Miller Law

    Kris Miller is a Colorado based Family Attorney with a creative mindset that helps his clients get the most economically sound advice as well as the most effective counsel available. A true gentleman, he takes each client on personally.

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  • Golfball Monster

    Worldwide leader in buying and selling Used Golf Balls. This company started 20 years ago and has now grown to be an online powerhouse as well. Their personal relationships with golf courses helped them thrive.

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Our Team

Selected Work and Plugins

  • Easy Quiz

    Easy Quiz comes in two flavors - Free and Pro. Regularly updated and fully supported.

  • REV

    The ultimate Real Estate Online Marketing solution. From Agent to Brokerage, REV has you covered

  • GZip Ninja

    Quickly and easily compress and GZip your site. Just one way we give back to the WordPress community.

  • WPHostingNinjas.com

    Need better hosting with speed as a priority? Sign Up Here! We'll handle the rest.

  • SquareToWoo

    Import your Square Up products easily and directly into WooCommerce!